Flight 2 Freedom in Numbers

A quick look at some important numbers which make Flight 2 Freedom events amazing

3 different places,8 different locations

F2F1 focused on the Livermore Valley, F2F2 was hosted in the San Diego region and F2F3 will bring everyone together in Pleasanton, CA

A network of more than 1500 live minds

Over 1,500 participants, 200 accredited investors, 20 family offices & nearly 20 startups

50+ great speakers,
panelists & experts

Experts from varied industries spanning fitness companies, clean tech, smart TVs, entertainment, social commerce, SEO & social media, biotech, telecom, luxury goods.

Please join us for Flight 2 Freedom 4.0

Flight 2 Freedom is designed to enhance collaboration between vibrant entrepreneurial communities in the United States and other groups from around the world. We believe that the success of a region depends upon open communication between academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, financiers & other specialists. Our goal is to propel entrepreneurship in an efficient manner by pre-planning private meetings & group introductions within the general F2F networking format. The “pay it forward” spirit at our events provides the foundation for lasting relationships where friends do business with friends. You should come to F2F4 to meet some of the most successful local people from the Bay Area and beyond. The rest will be flying in from dozens of states and several foreign countries.

Find new connections for your business

And learn how they can propel your business to new heights

Many of the attendees are looking for new companies that seek expansion capital. Others are searching out new technologies that might enable their firms to grow. Many people have benefited from the F2F events because they are able to meet Centers of Influence (COIs) from other economic regions. We’ve actually been told many times that a connection from an F2F event enabled a business owner to seamlessly expand their foreign market operations into the MENA, Brazil or Japan. These connections are priceless for a business. The net – net is a massive victory for those who want to see their enterprises thrive.

About Our Panelists & Speakers

Knowledge that you can tap into

The F2F events are well known for having almost zero consistent themes. Initially we showcased athletic companies and fitness. The next event evolved into an amalgamation of clean tech, smart TVs, entertainment and social commerce. The last event included social media, biotech, telecom, luxury goods and SEO. By combining individuals that are NOT from the same industry, we noticed that attendees were much more eager to help one another. This diversity of attendees is our biggest strength because no one feels like they are sharing secrets with competitors. On the contrary, they open up their contacts and get the work started right away. It also helps when all the speakers are leaders in their respective fields.

Smashing bottlenecks, logjams, roadblocks, hurdles – is our specialty

Do you want to meet other people that you’d actually enjoy doing business with? Are you interested in meeting a couple hundred very well connected and forward thinking COI’s that can help bust open unforeseen logjams in your future endeavors? Then please come to F2F.

We are catalysts who propel entrepreneurship
by connecting the top minds in technology,
finance, academia and government.

Praise For Flight 2 Freedom


“Freedom means everything to an entrepreneur. The freedom to think creatively, to spend your life in your own way. But for dreams and ideas to soar -- the right people, the right opportunities and the right amount of capital are necessary. By bringing these components together, Flight 2 Freedom (F2F) lets entrepreneurs spread their wings and take flight.”  

Jay Bose

"Flight 2 Freedom is unlike any other event you've ever been to, partly due to the format and topics, but mostly, due to the extreme care in who gets invited in the first place. The people I have met at F2F have been industry leaders, high integrity, the best in class at what they do, and all have one driving force, to make the world a better place. And F2F is where they come together to do that. Whether its launching new ventures, finding the right talent to move a business forward or introducing a passionate investor to a startup, the mission of F2F is to create deep quality connections that drive business..."

Adryenn Ashley

" ... a premier networking event for high-caliber people from all kinds of backgrounds to get together, mingle, and make connections, while having fun all at the same time. People came from education, law, finance, and many different areas of the tech world. It was amazing to see wonderful ideas being talked about and connections being made to bring those ideas to life. It is no secret that who you know and who knows you is much more important than what you know these days. The connections that we made at the summit will forever be invaluable."

Cort Walberg

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